Railsconf was pretty sweet ...

Posted by Phantom Mongoose Thu, 24 May 2007 12:21:00 GMT

… and I learned a lot.

I believe I have already forgotten more than I’ve retained. A lot of genuinely interesting information locked in a life-and-death struggle to be crystallized with what meager neurons are available to do any meaningful processing.

Things I know for sure:

  1. Rails 2.0 sounds neat
    1. it will have a cool debugger
    2. it will give you a lot of stuff for free if you don’t mind its REST implementation or REST in general.
  2. The kids love memached
  3. The Rails community (myself included) is comprised of arrogant bastards.
  4. Thinking for yourself is a good idea
  5. Smalltalk is neat in a weird way.
  6. I need to get better acquainted with TDD
  7. By keeping clean and simple, the latest site we’ve developed for our customers has a mobile version of the fancy ajax application … for practically free. Rails makes this possible and practical.
  8. The Rails community has a higher percentage of Macs then the Developer community as a whole, but a lower percentage of women. Why are nice laptops and breasts mutually exclusive? Correlation == Causation as everybody with half a brain will tell you. Don’t believe those bleeding heart libtards who taught Statistics / Psychology / Sociology 101. A great example of an Arc Mass1.
  9. zefrank made an awesome programmer joke:
    bq. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Come on—you guys are programmers … that’s recursion … infinite fear!”

Things I think I know:

  1. Dave Thomas seems to think that things are only cyclical in software development, as opposed to the entire universe.
  2. Some people are getting into Rails because of the buzz; not because they love Ruby—I highly suggest everyone program in the language they love to program in.
    1. They’ll be happier
    2. They’ll be more productive
    3. Whatever that language is, I’m sure you’ll find a very similar web framework, as no one ignores a good idea.
      1. Perl:
        1. Catalyst
      2. Python:
        1. TurboGears
        2. Pylons
        3. Django
      3. PHP:
        1. Too many to list.
      4. Etc.

Things I think:

  1. Sam Ruby needs to change his name or his field. When I’m googling programming endeavors and Ruby, I mean the language; not this fellow who I am sure is not out to get me. Yet.
    1. Even worse he has started to dabble in Ruby (the language).
    2. That reminds me I need to invent a language called Mongoose and a unix shell called mosh.
  2. The internet …
    1. … needs to be saved
    2. … with hate
    3. … and you can help here.
  3. I need to follow up and finish my search for the NAS quest.

1 That is an anagram for sarcasm, you sly pin loser. Stop losing those pins.